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01. Interlayer Film for Laminated Glass
S-LEC™ film is interlayer film for laminated glass for automotive.
Good properties of sound and thermal insulation reduce CO2 emission. Show Details
02. High Performance Glueing Technology
High performance adhesion material seeking dissimilar-material bonding, toughness and flexibility, contributing to different-materials glueing increasing with advance of parts weight saving. Show Details
03. Nano Metal Coating Technology
Fiber sheet like non woven, knitting, or fabric material with nano level thin metal coating. They have many functions and value added. Show Details
04. High Expansion Foam Molding
High ratio foaming molding technology, which achieves 30% of weight reduction rate although current rate is 20%. Show Details
05. Electron Beam Cross-linked Foam
Softron® is 100% closed-cell foam made by polyolefin with irradiated treatment. High performance lineup has heat resistance and is good for thermofoaming. Show Details
06. Flame-retardant, Fire-retardant Material
Utilizing the original technology of Sekisui, our material keep the driver's safety in the point of fire protection, fire resistance and incombusitibility. Show Details
07. Conductive Tape
High conductivity, strong adhesion and very thin tape for EMC of car electronics devices, which is suitable for grounding effect and avoiding electrostatic discharge. Show Details
08. Functional Foam Tape
5200 series enables to bond dissimilar materials with combination of original adhesive and foam, which is good at shock and vibration absorption. Show Details
09. Functional Polymer Core Particle
High performance fine particles such as uniform-sized particles and metal-plated particles. Show Details
10. Transparent Optical Material
Highly transparent tape without base material suitable for optoelectronics devices of automotive field. Show Details
11. Interior Fixing Tape
Tape for interior parts applicable to each purpose from enviromental-friendly #5782 series for general uses, to ones for fixing wire harness or for oily surface. Show Details
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Automobile & Transportation Business Strategy Department, High Performance Plastics company, exhibited at a specialty exhibition for automotive technologies "AUTOMOTIVE ENGIINEERING EXPOSITION YOKOHAMA", which was held at Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (Pacifico Yokohama), on 25th - 27th, May, 2016.

We proposed products contributing to "Safety, Environment, Comfort, and Weight Saving" as well as "Automotive Electronization" with demonstrations and panels. Products shown at exhibition are as follows, "Luminous PVB" for New Full Windshield Display system, "Functional Foam Tape #5200" for LCD panels of speedmeters or car navigations, "Optical Clear Adhesive SSV/HSV", Functional Polymer Particles "Micropearl" for gap controlling of varied sensors, Nano Metal Coating Technology "Masa" for sheet heat element of seat heater as well as other purposes, Foamed Products "High Expansion Foam Moldings" for interior parts weight saving, "Softlon SP", "Flame-retardant Polyurethane", "High Performance Adhesion Technology for Dissimilar Materials".
Please watch our booth at the exhibition by movie.


  • Interlayer Film
    for Laminated Glass
    • Luminous PVB [Under Development]
    • S-LEC Sound Acoustic Film
    • S-LEC Solar Control Film
  • High Performance Glueing
    • Dissimilar Bonding Materials: X-09-NH1
      [Under Development]
    • Thermoset Adhesive (Fast Curable Type): SE-1510-Y1
      [Under Development]
  • Nano Metal Coating
    • Nano Metal Coating Technology "masa"
  • High Expansion Foam Molding
    • High Expansion Foam Molding (Interior parts such as door trim)
  • Electron Beam
    Cross-linked Foam
    • PP Foam “Softlon SP”
    • High Performance Sealing Foam “Exseal”
  • Flame-retardant,
    Fire-retardant Material
    • Flame-retardant Polyurethane
    • Thermal Expanson Fire-retardant Material Fiblock
  • Conductive Tape
    • Double-sided Conductive Adhesive Tape
    • Light Shielding Single Conductive Adhesive Tape
  • Functional Foam Tape
    • Functional Foam Tape 5200 Series
  • Functional Polymer
    Core Particle
    • Uniform Polymer Particle Micropearl SP/GS
    • Metal Plated Polymer Particle Micropearl AU
    • Polymer Core Solder Ball Micropeal SOL
    • Gap-controllable Adhesive G-DAP
    • Self-assembly Anisotropic Conductive Paste
  • Transparent Optical Material
    • Optical Clear Tape HSV series, SSV series
    • ITO Film Electrode
  • Interior Fixing Tape
    • Double-faced Tape #5782 Series (Enviromentally friendly)
    • Double-faced Tape #586 for Oily Surface Tacking
    • #735A/#900EP for Fixing of Wire Harness
    • Doubel-faced Tape for PVC #577SA [Under Development]
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