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Developed under our proprietary technique of electron beam cross-linked foam, Softlon has excellent capacities of heat insulation, shock absorption, and moldability as an interior material for cars, contributing to vehicle safety and passenger comfort.

Adhesive tapes

We provide protection tapes and double-sided tapes for fixing car interior and exterior materials. We also provide environmentally and human-friendly products such as low-odor, extremely low-VOC double-sided tapes.

Tapes for electronics applications

In addition to double-sided tapes for processing materials of electronic parts and double-sided conductive tapes, we provide double-sided tapes with light shielding and reflecting functions for fixing LCD materials and electronic parts.

Adhesives and sealants

We provide synthetic rubber series adhesives and hot-melt series adhesives for automotive interiors including door panels and ceilings. We contribute to the reduction of VOCs in car interiors through the use of water-base adhesives without solvent.

UV-curing adhesives

We introduce UV-curing adhesives corresponding to various curing conditions.

Sputtering technology

We developed the world's first metal spattering technique on fibers and commercialized it as "masa" nano metal coating technique, proving our “only-one” proprietary technology. The technology is also applicable to films.

Interlayer film for laminated glass

S-LECTM Film is the top brand of interlayer films, boasting the No. 1 share in the world for automobile applications. Used with laminated glass, it provides excellent acoustic and thermal shielding performance. The product reduces the load on the engine and CO2 emissions during driving.

Injection molding

We provide high-quality plastic molded products, which are indispensable for car interior and exterior parts for highly styled and functional vehicles, with an integrated process from design, molding and forming to processing, based on CAE analysis.

Heat release materials

We introduce various forms of materials with different heat release capacities, including those with or without insulation, sheets, pastes, greases, fin types, etc. We also offer high-heat conductive types including epoxy, silicone, and carbon fiber series.

Fire-resistant, flame-retardant, and non-flammable materials

In response to increasing demand for fire-retardance for vehicle materials, we introduce tapes and thermal expansion materials with fire retardance and urethane insulation materials with non-flammable certification, the first of their kind in the Japanese market.


By deactivating and preventing the proliferation of allergens and viruses entering vehicles, this product creates a comfortable and livable interior environment.

  • Antiallergen processing agent Aller buster
  • Antivirus processing agent Virutaker

Touch sensor

We will introduce “Capacitive Touch Sensor”, which is considered to be used in the automotive industry, which is compatible with transparency and flexibility by printed electronics technology.

Mounting material

We introduce plastic core solder balls for the application of joining circuit substrates, flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs), and IC packages. Anisotropically conductive paste forms metallic bonding, with soldering particles auto-agglutinating at electrodes just by the application of heat.

Specialized resins

We introduce polyvinyl chloride resin with flame retardance and high heat resistance, polyvinyl acetal resin with tough and supple strength, polyvinyl alcohol resin with high adhesion and gas barrier.